VIP with Dominique; Think outside the Box

The catch line for Taco Bell is to think outside of the Bun. Taco Bell doesn’t sell burgers, they sell Tacos. They are encouraging their customers to think outside of the bun and consider a Taco.

Have you ever thought outside of the box with your career? Also, ask yourself, what’s your catch line?

Thinking outside of the box takes creativity. Creative ideas don’t just come out of thin air. We really have to work hard and bring something forth with our ideas. Whatever it is that you are in business of whether it be books, a product or something else, try thinking outside of the box. Try doing something you or your company has never done before.

Start with your catch line.

Think of all the other catch lines that you might hear on TV. How can you make yours better? What 4-5 lines can you use to make your business stand out and make people remember your business?

Try thinking outside of the box!

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