Cover Story; “AAMBC Literary Awards”

African American Book Club, better known as AAMBC, has been around for years, giving African American Authors a community and home for their work. In 2009, Founder Tamika Newhouse created the AAMBC Literary Awards. Tamika says, “It was created for the sole purpose of giving unknown writers recognition and the opportunity to have award winner as their title.”

I would imagine that Authors love the concept of this event. From A Writer’s POV was named Magazine of the Year in 2010, and it was an honor receiving this recognition from AAMBC. “Most love the entire concept; I haven’t gotten any negative feedback from any one. However, most great things are sometimes talked about. The authors involved do campaigns and support in hopes to gain the title of the winner.”

The event is now a part of the Baltimore Urban Book Fest in which Tamika co-founded and named. It is a staff of three, and they have a host of volunteers and media supporters who help spread the word.

So how would an author, writer, publisher, etc…be nominated at AAMBC Literary Awards? Tamika explains, “I solicit book store owners and authors I feel have seniority and ask them to nominate some names, I also take in affect those I have watched over the past year and come up with the list of nominees. Some categories such as Readers Choice are a public nomination process.”

The votes are public. Winner is picked by a majority of votes. Voting lasts for 60 days. More details on voting can be found at

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