Business Owner of the Month; Erin McKnight

Queen’s Ferry officially opened its doors August 1st, 2011, but has been in the works as an enterprise (and a dream) for a number of years and is a no staff facility. Erin has worked in the writing and publishing industry for some time—as a writer, editor, reviewer, and instructor—and have long sought to establish an independent press. “As of this date, contracts are in place with three writers, and I hope to add another three or four titles to our publishing pipeline by the end of the year.”

Founding the press seemed like a natural personal evolution. After exploring various locales in the land of literature, Erin was looking for a niche in which to settle and produce the types of books she wanted to read. After several years of preparing short and full-length fiction for publication, her interest in words and language expanded to the production and dissemination of writing that is largely overlooked by the mainstream publishing industry. “I feel firmly entrenched in a literary landscape that, thankfully, offers writers and independent publishers the opportunity to connect and produce exceptional titles that reach readers through mediums once unimaginable. It is an invigorating, revolutionary, time for publishing; Queen’s Ferry is proud, and humbled, to join the ranks of small presses making indelible impressions on this transformative terrain.”

I asked Erin what a typical day is like for her. Being is press can be very demanding. “Press work occurs every day in fits and starts between the hours of 5:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. Having an infant makes extended periods of productivity almost impossible, but brief bursts of activity—typically separated into submission reading and management, multiple-stage editing, production-related design and layout of physical books, e-books, and the website, and conglomeritic correspondence—have proven highly effective in achieving a multitude of daily objectives. I am ashamedly enslaved to my iPhone, yet am never without the ability to connect.” Aren’t we all enslaved to a phone? The way technology is today we would be lost without it.

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