The POV Reviews; Ladies’ Man

About the Book: Damien Hardy had everything early in life. He is an academic and athletic All-American at Crenshaw High in Los Angeles. On top of that, he’s attractive, popular, and most of all madly in love with his beautiful girlfriend named Crystal Gayle. Until one horrific day, he catches Crystal in bed with another man and she breaks his heart. Right then, he vows never to fall in love again or give his heart to a woman.

Damien rescinds his baseball scholarship offer from USC and decides to attend the University of Miami instead. After a disappointing college baseball career, Damien’s best friend Mookie convinces him to relocate to Atlanta. Mookie schools Damien on the “starting five concept” and Damien never looks back. While in Atlanta, Damien is involved with a plethora of beautiful black women and never can seem to get enough. After many years, love eventually prevails. Damien finds himself trying to make the ultimate choice.

First, Crystal resurfaces when she relocates her medical practice from L.A. to Atlanta. She desperately wants to rekindle her love interest with Damien. Secondly, Diamond springs back into Damien’s life and has the ultimate surprise for him. Then there’s Nicole, who is married and miserable but wants Damien all to herself. She stops at nothing to accomplish this task. But Katrina, the sophisticated high profile corporate attorney, has other plans for Damien. She’s has everything in life, except a man, and now wants him as her “boy toy.” Finally, Tameka who is Diamond’s fake friend has a trick up her sleeve to combat them all.

Does love conquer all or will Damien continue to be just another ladies’ man?

I believe Ladies’ Man should be considered for review because it is a male-perspective on love, commitment, and relationships.

About the Author: Ladies’ Man Frederick Germaine has always been fascinated how writing could be so intriguing. It takes dedication and an imaginable thought process to capture an audience within a good novel. After writing leisurely for years, Frederick Germaine decided to pen his first novel.

Ladies’ Man is an entertaining love novel from a male-perspective. He wrote the novel because he felt almost everyone has previously been in love, is currently in love, or simply seeking love. Thus, we all can relate to it. Ladies’ Man, Frederick Germaine has been featured in publications such as Magazine Xtraand Consciousness Magazine. He has also been interviewed on numerous BlogTalkRadio shows.

Besides being an author, Frederick Germaine is an advocate for mentorship programs. He currently serves as a mentor to the youth and young adults. Additionally, he is a motivational speaker compelling individuals to make the right “choices” in life.

Frederick Germaine graduated from Jacksonville State University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. He currently resides in Atlanta where he continues to write and promises to deliver another hot novel.

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Dominique’s Review:

Ladies Man was funny and entertaining. I loved reading a story from a males’ perspective. I’m from Atlanta Georgia so I really appreciated the detail on the description of the places the main character visited. Damien was a true ladies man has numerous encounters with woman throughout the book. It was definitely a good, entertaining book.

What I did not like about the book was the ending. Things came together way to fast after finding out what one of the ladies had been holding back for so many years. Damien gets back into a relationship with one woman from his younger days but in the end, the author never reveals to us what happened. Will there be a part two? Is that it? As a reader, I don’t like being left with a cliffhanger that doesn’t have a book to follow and this book had a huge cliffhanger in the end that left me with a lot of questions.  The book was definitely a four star book but could have had a better ending.

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