Curling up with a Page Turner; What do you do during your Offseason?

If you didn’t know or haven’t been following my tweets or blogs, I’m back in the author game. Yes, I left for a while to focus more on my company, but I’m back and ready to publish…in due time, of course.

I told a friend that being in my Author Zone felt good, but different…in a good way. The difference is this time around I have something, a little more of something that I didn’t have the last time I published a book.

I’m sure plenty of authors have taken a break from publishing just as I have. Depending on the type of author and writer you are will determine your appearance in your next published work. What will affect you is the time spent while not publishing or writing a new book. Speaking from experience here!

While not writing a book or working on anything for myself, one might say that I’d lost my spunk or was a newbie to the game. That’s far from the truth. As a business owner, I have plenty of encounters with other authors, writers and business owners. I may not have been working on my craft with my pen, paper or laptop, but I’ve been working on my craft called knowledge.

My months off were not a waste of time. My months off did not affect who I truly am as an author. The time off gave me the opportunity to look at being an author from the outside looking in.

I’ve interviewed authors, attended interviews; watched and listened to authors…I have knowledge. I made note of the things I would change about me as an author and how I would submit to a publisher. I’ve even learned things from my own clients and listened to the advice I gave them about their literary career. Again, I have knowledge.

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