The Writer’s Process; Are you Ready for the Limelight?

by: Darryl Mims

I see you over there daydreaming. Wake up! Your journey is not over yet, but you are getting to that point of planning strategies to get your novel off the ground. I’m sure it looked like an easy ride in your daydream but, in reality, it’s difficult…especially if you’re not ready for the limelight.

Becoming an author brings with it all the aspects of being an entrepreneur and a celebrity. Once you put out that book, your hopes of becoming popular could exceed you. You’ll have to set your daily routine aside and get busy promoting your brand. You will be in demand, as you will be called upon to do interviews, speeches, book tours…etc. Are you ready for all of that? In that daydream you had, you were signing book after book, shaking hands, smiling and laughing with your readers who were throwing money at your feet. All you had to do was to sit back and drench yourself in overnight success…SMACK! You’re still daydreaming. Flex up and get ready for some hard work! Read the full article:

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