Poet of the Month; Charron Monaye

For our Magazine, getting to know many authors, writers, and poets have been nothing but a blessing…especially poets. There is a sense of uniqueness, a separation from the rest of the crowd. Poets seem to be more in tune with their inner being, which takes on a new life in itself through their expressiveness. That’s not to say that other authors and writers aren’t as articulate, but poets tend to grab the fabric of the universe, and turn it into a world their own.

Our newest Poet of the Month is definitely a star in the making. Author/Poet Charron Monaye graces our pages with her exceptional and highly talented style of poetry with a keen sense of life. What’s not lost is her understanding of how being a poet can be poles apart from any other genre. “Poetry became the way I expressed myself and the way I spoke!  It is the voice of my thoughts.  It is freedom. It is love. It is my ability to use phrases and metaphors to explain my life experiences. My connection to poetry gives enough of my testimony without having to go into complete intimate detail. After a while, Poetry eventually evolved into more than just words on a page in rhythmic stanzas to me. Poetry became therapy for me.  I started to heal. I don’t know the spiritual faith of your subscribers, but once you are freed from the type of bondage I was in you want to share it with the world.  I decided it was important to share my story with women worldwide and penned my first book of poetry, My Side of the Story.”

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