VIP with Dominique; Have Knowledge in Every Area Needed

As an author and writer, there are many hats that need to be worn. They don’t have to be worn but in today’s world almost every author is looking to publish under their own name or company. When that becomes a goal we are not only author and writer, we are now publisher, editor, marketer, literary agent, publicist and more. It may be hard for one person to take on these tasks all by themselves but it can be done. The issue is not what you have to do but knowing what you need to do to fulfill that task.

Not every author/writer is cut out to be an editor. I know personally it’s not my field of expertise. Don’t get me wrong, I loved English in school, got all A’s and can see a mistake when needed but I do not have experience or expertise in this area. This is an area I will fall short on.

If you are not only going to be the writer of the book, you need to have knowledge in the other areas of the book. Reading is a good start to learning how to publish. Take seminars on ebook publishing. You can also get a mentor to help you get the knowledge you need for whatever area you are lacking in.

When someone wants to start a business, they don’t just jump right out there and start running a business; they learn what needs to be done by reading, googling, asking and more.

If you plan to be the head and tail of your business you need to know exactly what needs to be done and how. Don’t jump in head first. Get the information you need so that you can be successful in whatever it is you plan to do.

Of course eventually you will be stretched thin. In the meantime, get all the information you need for the task and do your best.

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