Hot Topic Monday; Jumping in head first with Social Media

Happy Monday!

Today is Hot Topic Monday and I want to talk about Social Media. Social Media is a great way to market your work. It’s one area of marketing that all seem to find helpful. But a lot of times, people are reluctant to jump in head first and get the people to know about them.

In social groups you see people who join the group but don’t really say much in the beginning. They linger around, read this or that but don’t promote themselves. These are the social media procrastinators.

When you join a new social network, jump in head first. Dive right long as you are following the rules of course and get yourself known. No one knows about you until you tell them. I’m always excited when I join a new group, site or network because I get to tell my story all over again.

So today I want to know, what type of social networker are you? Do you jump right in or take your time to get a feel of things?


Happy Monday!

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