VIP with Dominique; Google Me

How many times has someone told you to google something after you’ve asked a question? What does this mean? How many of this is this? Where did that come from? Where can I find this? “Google it”

Some people may say it’s rude but truly it’s an honest answer. Google it. Google is our electronic yellow pages. If there’s something you want or need to know, google it.

One thing I tell authors who are in the midst of a great story with a huge storyline, research it. You don’t have to know someone who’s been there done that. Although knowing someone who’s been through your characters situation makes the story more real but if you don’t know someone that’s ok. Research it.

Whatever it is that you are in need of, google it. Get the information you need for your work or project. There are so many sites that have the answer. Just google it.

When was the last time you googled something? Who needs school right? J Google it and you’ll have all the answers you need!

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2 thoughts on “VIP with Dominique; Google Me

  1. Interesting you should write this Dominique. I usually frequent Google for many reasons. One of which is Googling my name and business name to ensure any info that comes up is correct. Shock horror! Recently I found that a name was attached to mine as author of my novel ‘Whisper of Lies.’ Naturlaly, I connected with the marketing dept. of my publisher to get this rectified.

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