Cover Story; JM Benjamin

JM Benjamin is not your average author. He hadn’t been writing since he was a young boy, he hadn’t had a passion for writing in his early days nor did he have someone placing books in his hand to give him the motivation to write. After spending a substantial amount of time in prison and being told to write out his feelings in a journal, JM found a new found purpose in life; to tell his story of the street life and tell it right. He spent many days while incarcerated reading popular books of the Urban Literary genre only to find them false and misleading. His life was the truth and what was told in those books was far from it.

He is a man that came from nothing to something. From the streets, to a jail cell and now published author, business owner and motivational speaker. Many men and woman have experienced the life of incarceration but not many have rebounded from the consequences of living the street life.

JM Benjamin, “Rebounding from the Consequences of the Street Life”

The pen became familiar to JM while he was serving his time in prison. His troubling behavior followed him into jail which ended him in solitary confinement. A counselor suggested writing out his feelings in a journal. The journal writing was therapeutic for him. He released a lot of stress and past pain that was causing him to act the way he did. During his therapeutic writing, he began to read Urban Fiction Novels. He gained an interest in many books but found the stories to be “Fabricated” and misleading. “The irony of it all is that I was inspired to really take writing seriously rather than just for recreation and therapy purposes because many of the Urban Fiction books told stories that misrepresented my past life style. They were more so glamorizing and glorifying the street life and made it seem like we were raised to take on a life a crime and when they spoke about characters that were supposed to be Kingpins, Gangsta’s or broke down the blue print of the streets or drugs they were inaccurate. Things like that made me want to write the real and harsh reality of the life style. I was eager to get published so readers could distinguish reality fiction that educated you and entertained you at the same time versus bubble gum fiction that entertained you and confused you at the same time. I know people who lost their lives and freedom indefinitely behind what other authors were fabricating, I was inspired to balance out the message being portrayed.”

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