“Bringing your Visions to Life with Creations by Donna”

Creations by Donna has been in business since 2006. She posted a few designs online and people fell in love with her work. God gave her a vision and she hasn’t looked back since.

Donna Clark graces our pages as Business Owner of the Month.

Donna designs author’s One-of-a-Kind Original Book Covers from their vision and design concept or come up with a concept for authors and helps bring their visions to life.

Her services include: Creative Design Services, Visual/Graphic Artist Specializing in multiple mediums.

“Having an original design is very important. I do not do template work. I offer a package that includes marketing material designs as well for less than many are charging for a book cover design alone. I appreciate and support my clients and work very closely with them on their publishing journey. It is my goal to give my clients the perfect package that will add the success of their book. I do graphic work for several growing publishing companies so if they are looking for a publisher or wanting to learn how to publish on their own I can help with that as well. People buy into brands. I help my clients build their name, brand and sell their books.”

Although the market is saturated with graphic artists and many people who have a do-it-yourself state of mind, Donna still feels very satisfied with her God given talent.

You can see Donna advertising her company all over the net. People are displaying her work throughout the literary field. “I feel that the best way for anyone to promote their company is by word of mouth from happy satisfied clients. I post testimonials on my site that link back to the clients that have sent them to me. Positive networking helps EVERYONE!”

Creations by Donna is not staff-operated but with a close relationship to God she feels she never works alone.

Get more information on Donna and her services at www.fromawriterspovmagazine.com

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