The Writer’s Process; Don’t talk about it, Blog about it

Article written by: Darryl Mims

The process takes on another level this time around as you venture into putting the word out about the progression of your book. There are a lot of advertisements on the social media networks by writers on their journey into writing their first book. But, here’s a problem:

How many times have you seen a writer tweet or post on their Facebook page about the novel that they’re writing, what a great storyline it has, how the characters are so real that it gets them emotional just thinking about their roles in the story, and how exciting the climax will be…but in reality, the story has yet to develop.

Then, there’s the venting that goes with it; about how they have the dreaded writer’s block, how they’re stuck, and how they forgot to save a whole evening’s worth of writing and please will someone help me!

Too much talk and not enough writing. All that energy into talking about your book can be utilized properly. A good exercise in writing your book is to keep a blog. I’ve seen this practice being used more often by writers who use their blog as a daily journal, keeping track of their book’s progress. It’s not only a keen way to detail your work, but it is a good exercise in building layers to your story and developing your characters’ personalities. I have seen blogs entirely dedicated to the characters of a writer’s working novel…creating a world that surrounds the people that will generate the novel’s storyline. This is also a good way to interact with your future readers by holding a Q & A about your book…getting opinions from them on its progression. Invite them to follow your blog, where they can get updates on your journey into authorship. This not only helps build a following, but it also keeps your ideas from going stale.

Blogging about your work in progress is a more efficient, interactive, major stepping stone in your writing process. Use social media to direct people to your blog. Shouting into cyberspace about what you’re going to do is useless. People want results, not talk. Show them by blogging about it.

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