Curling up with a Page Turner; Who are you after the book is written?

Last month, I tuned into a radio show that was beyond hot and heavy. It proved to me that there are some heavy hitters in the literary industry and that tough skin is needed. The host asked tough, but needed questions in her interview: one being why should I buy your book? She also pressured the author to talk about herself and sell her book.

Not every author is made to be a seller but, in this industry, you have to! You have to know how to sell your book. You have to be the one person that can sell your book better than any store or website. You know your book inside and out and you shouldn’t say, “Ummm…let me think about it,” when someone says, “why should I buy your book”.

The host made a very important statement: “What makes your book better than all the others in its industry?” Authors, you must think about this.  There are millions of books in your industry that talk about almost the exact same thing….why is yours different? You have to know how to sell your book. Marketing is a huge part in writing and publishing a book. You don’t just need a publicist to tell your book. You need yourself!

It’s not always in your blood to be a promoter. Sometimes, it takes time in the industry to get that type of flow going, but you eventually need to have it and attain it!

There are some interviewers who don’t take it easy. They don’t care if you are a newbie or not. You call yourself an author. You call yourself the best…they will break you down to who you really are and get the true you out for their viewers.

You can say you won’t deal with them or be interviewed by them but, eventually, you will come in contact with them and you will have to prove who you are!

You gotta have tough skin in this industry. Anybody can write a book. Who are you after the book is written?

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“Curl up with a Page Turner” Feedback of the Month

“In five lines or less…sell your book to me…Why should I buy it? Why is your book better than all the other books in its industry?”

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