VIP with Dominique; What Sparks your Creativity?

No matter what field you are in you must have some type of creativity. You must have some type of imagination. You’ve got to be able to come up with something that makes your current product better, something that draws in more customers, something that makes you stand out. So how do you become creative? What sparks your creativity?

In the literary field we all go through the well known writers block. We can’t figure out how to get out of it and get passed this rut we are in. Our creative juices have gone down the drain and we’ve lost our spunk. How do we get back what we’ve lost?

One thing I tell my clients is to step away for a while and come back. Whatever business you are in, you can do this too. Just simply step away and come back. Do something that you enjoy that has nothing to do with work. You might see something or someone that gets your juices going again.

So today, if you are in the midst of a creative drought, ask yourself, what can I do to get my creative juices back?

Straight from the Diva

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