The Kingship of Sir Author A. Jarrell Hayes

Last month, we got to know A. Jarrell Hayes through his book of poetry titled To Woman, From Man: Love Poems. This month, the author/poet throws us a changeup, and presents us with his fantasy fiction novel The Laroarian Conflict. Published in August 2010, our Book of the Month takes us to the magical kingdom of Laroar, who is without a ruler on the throne. Magicians, thieves, holy men, and others all fight for possession of the vacant throne. To achieve this end they will stop at nothing to obtain the Enigma Crystal, a powerful artifact said to contain the ability to change the entire world.

A. Jarrell, born and raised in the state of MD, expands his literary talents by showing us that his serious flow extends out to other genres. The Laroarian Conflict offers a solid adventure that will hold your interest until the very end…a Kingdom that fell into conflict after the death of King Hargrave Tyman. The Kingdom is split, with each son of the King running each half. After their deaths, turmoil between factions keeps things rolling until the very end.

I asked A. Jarrell about the inspiration that pressed him to write this book. “I got the idea for this book after playing a video game titled Final Fantasy Tactics. The game is a story of political intrigue and corruption. I wanted my story of greed, corruption and civil war told not solely from the perspective of the power-players, but from the eyes of regular people. This is a story of everyday people who get sucked into a war because the leaders of certain group’s desire complete control of the kingdom and are unwilling to share.”

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