Up & Coming Author of the Month; Shakara Cannon

From my experience of getting to know about first-time authors through spotlights and interviews, I get a general sense of complacency of their accomplishments. There’s a variation in each author but, overall, getting in that first book is like taking a huge weight off of their shoulders. What differs between most up & coming authors may be their path to get that first book published but, other than that, you tend to get the customary answers to certain given questions for their achievement in publishing their first book.

Our Up & Coming Author this month throws us for a loop…in a good way. Author Shakara Cannon steps out of the box of some of the other authors with her refreshing, matter-of-fact, and passionate approach to her journey into authorship. This Can’t Be Life is the author’s first novel…a contemporary fiction novel that was published August 1st, 2011. Shakara won’t settle for anything less than success as she reaches for the stars with her first attempt. Passion reigns supreme in her climb to success. We are proud to be a part of Shakara’s journey as she is a participant in the POV Magazine’s Fall Authors Campaign that starts this month.

“I’m most passionate about telling a good story and having a novel that can stand next to a Mary B. Morrison or Eric Jerome Dickey book and not get overlooked. I’m also passionate about touching people’s lives by the stories I tell. I believe that there is something for everyone in my books.”

Read more about the author at www.fromawriterspovmagazine.com

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