Book of the Month; To Woman from Man: Love Poems

A. Jarrell Hayes graces our Book of the Month feature with his book of poetry titled To Woman, From Man: Love Poems. The author and poet from Maryland seems to have an endless source of words to express as proving with his collection of seven books, including four books of poems, two novels, and a short story. He uses the written word to inspire others and to foster peace and harmony in the world. He’s a writer, not a fighter. And, I would argue that he is a lover.

Published November 6th, 2010, To Woman, From Man: Love Poems offers a variety of poem themes that touch on all aspects of man’s love for women. This chapbook is a declaration of masculine love for the feminine. The collection focuses on four types of love: Romantic Love, Unrequited Love, Sexual Love, and Love for Family. The poems reflect the innermost feelings of men when they are unable to find the right words of expression.

It goes without saying where the influence to write this book came from. “Love in general inspired me to this book. At least half of the poems in the collection were written to someone in particular. I thought it would be awesome to compile them together.” As far as coming up with a strategy for the structure of the book, A. Jarrell says, “I went with the feeling. There was no strategy, except to submit to love and allow it to guide me.” The guidance that was given was rich in blessings as A. Jarrell explains. “The response from my readers has been incredible. I keep hearing how much people love this book, and it is my best selling title to date.”

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