The Importance of Maintaining your Website

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Maintaining your website is highly important. If you are one of those people who don’t update it often you are doing damage to your literary career.

I’ve been directed to several websites that are so outdated. They haven’t even changed the copyright date on their website. They don’t log in to their website or even look at it from the reader’s perspective. They have it done and then never go back again. This can do nothing for you career but send it down the drain.

When you advertise your website and send experts to your site, the first thing they are going to look at is your homepage and then your “About Me” section. If you are inquiring about a feature or interview on someone’s website or blog and you’ve told them that you’ve published X amount of books then they go to your website and see a different one, this is bad for business. Keeping your website up to date is very important. People are nosey. They want to know about the now not the then!

Now if you have nothing new going on, then change the layout. Change the colors. Take a new picture of yourself…just do something new!

Of course, we all have things going on everyday besides updating a website but would you walk outside with no bath, no fresh clothes and not brush your tooth? I highly doubt it! So why keep your book, your careers image not fresh? Updating your website can be easy. We don’t come out with books everyday or write blogs every day. Nor do we have new pictures of ourselves or go to different events every day. But you can keep your website fresh.

  • Have a daily or weekly section where you talk to your friends, family and fans often.
  • Have a twitter or facebook section that people can easily see and read.
  • Have a quote of the day.

You should also have a set schedule for updating your website; every Monday or every Wednesday. That way you know something is coming up that you need to do. This gives you time to think about something new you want to put on your website.

What’s the point in advertising your website if people are going to go back to the same thing each time?

Include a contest or maybe even have a daily blog. Keep it up to date with upcoming events and releases. People want to know about you but not what happened yesterday. So keep it fresh

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