Cover Story: “The 3rd Annual Author’s Literary Festival”

The 3rd Annual Authors Literary Festival is being held on November 5, 2011 in Richmond, VA.

Savannah J Publications, LLC is hosting this event. “I started it because I wanted to self publish instead of trying to get a book deal or going the way of POD. After my first book, a young lady held a festival here. She only held one and I decided to continue the new tradition here because I’d met so many talented, local authors who were looking for exposure. It’s a means of supporting other talented authors who otherwise may not be seen.”

This is so true and in this literary field, we need more people like Savannah.

“With Savannah J Publications, I hope to one day publish other authors. I host the festival to not only support others, but to bring this type of festival to the Richmond Metro Area.”

In order to be a part of an event like this, Savannah starts searching for Authors who may be interested. After an author contacts her, she sends them a welcome packet which includes a welcome letter and an agreement statement to sign and email back. “I also let them know that lunch and snack are included with their rental space. This means they don’t have to worry about leaving their table unattended. After they sign the agreement, I bill for the fee via PayPal in two parts to make payment easy. I only take 25 authors. If they are serious, they must get back to me by May 1st.”

Read more on how you can attend this event at:

Don’t forget…

Twitter party tonight 7pm EST Join us!

See ya there!

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