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This month’s Writer’s Buzz involves a writer who has his eyes on the future…figuratively and literarily speaking. For one, Jorge Salgado-Reyes is about to take a giant leap into authorship with writing his first book about…the future. Jorge is not only feeling positive about his future as an author, but also writing about the future.

Jorge has recently started writing his debut Sci-Fi (Science Fiction) novel The Smoke in Death’s Eye ©, about a Private Investigator in a futuristic London set in the year 2118 AD. Expecting to be published with his company, Indie Authors Press, Jorge is dedicated to fulfilling the job of becoming an author. All it took for him to get started was a dream. “I woke up one day from a dream which was set in my future.  This became the basis for my 1st novel.” And in that future, Jorge’s book creatively combines his passion for the Sci-Fi genre with something familiar to him presently. In a future of nanotechnology & ubiquitous CCTV, a private investigator tortured by the disappearance of his wife investigates a series of brutal slayings.

Jorge was born in Chile and came over to the UK aged 7. Having spent his formative years in the UK and Mozambique, Jorge became tri-lingual, speaking fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese. As a result of his language skills, he went to work in the family business as an interpreter but his true love was that of the private investigator. Not having had a classical private investigator background, Jorge knew that the only way into the industry was to take the corporate route. He started off as a Security Officer and then a Store Detective working for various high street retail stores until he became a Security Manager for a leading high street book seller and then various roles as a Senior Retail Loss Prevention Investigator.

Having had 16 years in retail fraud investigations, Jorge had enough of working for other people and in April 2006, started his own private investigator agency (with a Spy Shop based in Chile) specializing in corporate investigations, surveillance, process serving and tracing. Jorge is a founding member of e-LEGAL | Gathering, an online discussion forum for private investigators. Jorge has a Diploma in Private Investigations and Investigative Interviewing. He is currently serving on WAPI’s Governing Council in Electronic Media after having served as General Secretary for a year and is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

Besides the Sci-Fi genre, Jorge is passionate about crime thrillers and poetry. With a busy schedule, his writing process only allows him to write whenever he has time for it. “I work fulltime, so I tend to write in the late afternoons and late evenings until about 3am. I sit in my armchair and just start typing.  I don’t really have a system yet.” Jorge intends on making the most of his writing time by following up The Smoke in Death’s Eye © with two more related books. Here is a sample of the upcoming novel’s prologue:

Read the story at

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