Freestyle Week: Hot Topic Monday; Are you Too Professional?

Today is the first day of my Freestlye Week. Normally I post my blogs a month ahead of time but I figured I wanted to give your something fresh and off the top of my head. Yesterday in our Cafe Vibe group there was a discussion about Professionalism and being Too professional. It got pretty heated in the group but what’s a good discussion without heat?

Many of the members couldn’t understand what Too Professional was and many couldn’t understand how you could call yourself a professional and not know the difference.

In my opinion Too Professional is forgetting where you came from, thinking so highly of yourself that you don’t know when to come down and be “real” Also, forgetting how you got to be so professional in the first place.

My Grandmother (RIP) never let me forget where I came from. She used to always remind me about how I simply loved to write coming up. That I hadn’t even thought about writing a book, just wanted to write. I can remember those days; loving my pens till it wouldn’t write anymore. When I think about those times and see where I am now in my life, I have come a long and appreciate those that have held my hand throughout this journey.

Yes I may be a CEO. I may be a mentor. I may have six books under my belt but that doesn’t change me. At the end of the day, I’m still Dominique Watson.

So, what’s your opinion of too professional? Is there really a way to be Too Professional? What’s your thoughts?

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