Curling up with a Page Turner; “Do something new concerning your reading ventures”

Have you ever made a book list? Consisting of all the books you’ve read? I was in a store recently and found a journal that was made for keeping records of the books you read. Who would be interested in doing that? A true reader!

Not only can you keep track of what you’ve read but if a book is in a series or an author has written tons of books (like JP) you will know what you have read and have not read.

On I decided to set a challenge for myself for the year of 2011. I’m trying to read 15 books this year. I’m sure I’ll pass that right up by September. I read a lot!

But if you are a dedicated reader like me, whether you’re an e-reader or love holding books in your hand, you can challenge yourself to. See what you can get through throughout the month. Not only that, challenge yourself to read outside of your genre. A friend of mine and I are looking to read a few books together. Maybe dabble into a genre were not used to or find a new author or even find our favorite author and see what’s interesting.

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