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Imagination can take you a long way. Visualization can take you even further. And that is exactly what Terrell Mims has. Actually he has both. This writer of YA genre uses his visualization as guidance to a path that leads to all things fantasy. Images conjured up in Terrell’s writings are so in tune with the youth, that it’s a part of who he is. Here is a little more about Terrell from…hmmm I wonder:

On a mid-summer’s day in 1982, the many universes in the omniverse produced a being. A being which would harbor the foresight to look into many worlds and beyond them all. That being was Terrell Mims.

Like most people born with special abilities, at age 12 his powers began to manifest. He began to see worlds different than his own. These were worlds filled with angels, demons, armor clad superheroes, aliens, and globetrotting super rich teenagers. These visions filled his waking day and nightly dreams.

He needed answers. He needed to know why he could see so many places and people. At age 20, he was led to Louisiana State University where he studied under many wise sages and one told him of a prophecy. “A male shall be born. He shall see the worlds and proclaim their existence.” The sage didn’t know what to do so he left to find an answer. His quest took me from the jazz and Mardi Gras streets of New Orleans to the rainy mountainous Pacific Northwest down to the tropical beaches of Miami. No answer came.

Along his travels, he came across a black-robed figure. He didn’t know if it was a demon, fallen angel, or elf in serious need of a wardrobe update. He urged Terrell to stop his quest. He claimed it to be as fruitful as searching for the legendary Phoenix. Terrell ignored his words and pushed forward ultimately coming to Dallas, Texas where he met others of his kind, others who were born with the gift to see into other worlds. When he told them the prophecy, they proclaimed “He is the one. He shall see what lies beyond.”

He stayed and studied and discovered his destiny. He was to tell the world of what lies beyond. He began to work, but the figure returned. His name was Failure. Failure sought to deter him, to push him from his goal, but he pursued. He needed to be what the world needed. A writer. A force to proclaim stories of other worlds.

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