Upcoming Author of the Month; Frederick Germaine

Some authors have a certain flair that they bring to the table; a particular writing style that brings attention to their literary skills that draws in readers like flies. A good relationship with a book cover designer adds to an already good looking storyline. But some authors not only have a fancy pen, attractive storyline, and eye-popping graphics, they also have the good physical looks to go with the part of the all-round attention-getter.

Upcoming Author Frederick Germaine fits that part with good looks, very stylish and well dressed, with a future that has no boundaries…and his new and first book, appropriately titled Ladies’ Man, with main character, Damien Hardy being that man. Or is it really Frederick who is the ladies’ man…

“It’s so funny you asked that because a few of my close friends (who read the book) are asking me if I am Damien Hardy in the book. I laughed at them but the answer is no. The real ladies’ man is definitely Damien not me. I did use to play a lot of baseball growing up but that’s the only similarity Damien and I have in common.”

 Read more about this author and his new book here: www.fromawriterspovmagazine.com

Find out how you can be Upcoming Author of the Month: http://fromawriterspovmagazine.webs.com/upcomingauthorspotligh.htm

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