Business Owner of the Month; Stephanie C. Harper

Publisher & CEO of CAREER Magazine Stephanie C. Harper is Business Owner of the Month.  I got the opportunity to sit down with Stephanie and know the woman behind CAREER Magazine.

A busy mother, wife and caretaker she keeps CAREER Magazine running day in and day out. CAREER Magazine is a website/magazine that centers around business, human resources, employment, entrepreneurship and authorpreneurship; all of which she has personal experience in.

STEP Enterprises INC, parent company of CAREER Magazine has been in business since 2001. In 2004 Stephanie released her first book “Why should I hire you” At that time her business model changed.  After writing nine books, Stephanie decided to branch off with CAREER Magazine, which was a newsletter before it became a magazine. As a result CAREER Magazine released its first magazine in May 2008. “Other magazines weren’t delivering the right message that I felt people needed to know”. Stephanie wanted to create a publication that’s written by firsthand people.

When CAREER Magazine made its debut, people were calling it “Current newsletter on steroids.” Stephanie began to travel more so she had less time to write in her newsletter. The CAREER Magazine became a permanent product.

Read the full article on Stephanie at

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