Book of the month; The Ebony Kryptonite

Book of the month this month is “The Ebony Kryptonite” Samara has published 14 books and this book was her first Poetry Collection. Poetry has taken many writers in many different genres under its wing. I started the interview by asking Samara why she wanted to write and publish a poetry book. “I think it was a mix of meaningful things, wanting to share a different side of my creativity and the love for poetic verse.”

Although she had a love for the Poetic Verse, poetry is not her first love. Fiction is. She says poetry has always been in the midst of her creativity.

“The poems in “The Ebony Kryptonite” tell about my life, love, memories and dreams. It also encompasses the characteristics of strength, endurance and the essence of being.” She tells us. “I think Ebony came together as my life did, it portrays different times of my life from childhood to adulthood. The poems read almost as stories, brief interludes.”

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