Cover Story; Book Fairs that help Authors & Readers

Book Fairs are one of the many ways to get your book in the public eye. Authors use book fairs, to purchase tables and put their book on display and get the attention of avid readers. Most book fairs cause you to travel out of town to participate. From A Writer’s POV talked with two book fair individuals that come from different backgrounds in the literary field. An Author. An Editor.

Are book fairs really worth it? Setting up shop, paying so much money to attend; is it really worth is at the end of the day? “I believe it is more than worth it if you can afford it. Being out and meeting readers is really what every author needs to do. If a reader likes you they will read your book and pass on the word to their friends who will then pass on the word to their family and friends. I truly believe this is one of the ways to create life long fans of your work. As an author, it’s not just about the current book. It’s about you as an author so you should take your future projects into account always.  Networking is very important, so attending book fairs whenever possible can only help you.” Says Shakara Cannon, author of “This Can’t be Life”

With many book fairs, traveling is mandatory unless you live in a city that is popular for book fairs. From A Writer’s POV asked Editor and CEO/Founder of Editing Couture, Brandie Randolph how she felt about the necessity of traveling when attending book fairs. “The National Black Book Festival in Houston and the Harlem Book Fair are two of the largest fairs held annually. It gives the authors the chance to tangibly interact with a readership that they may not have come across otherwise.”

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