The Writer’s Buzz; Erotica

As a continued service to our fellow writers, we introduce a feature strictly for non-published writers called “The Writer’s Buzz”. Through blogs, journals, and magazine columns we are constantly reminded of the worth of great writers who have yet to take that step towards authorship. The Writer’s Buzz recognizes all genres, and welcomes those writers to use our feature as a stepping stone for exposure and advancement on their journey to become published authors.

Our very first feature on The Writer’s Buzz takes us into the genre of Erotica. Introducing: S.A. Payne, who specializes in the sexy genre, along with a love for Urban Fiction and random thoughts in general.

S.A. is a self-described “closet writer” from New Carrollton, Maryland. Writing became her escape and most often a savior during a marriage that was at times physically and mentally abusive.  During those dark moments, she turned to writing as a way to channel her loneliness and shame.  The result was compositions about life, love, and human nature.  Along with the support of her family, and using her children as inspiration, S.A. Payne prayed for and found the strength to leave the relationship.  While Erotica is the genre she feels most comfortable in, over time S.A. Payne has matured, and learned to be more open to all forms of creative writing.  April Rayne Stories “The Saga of Lady M. The Pendulum Swings Both Ways” is her introduction to the Urban Fiction genre.  It is the first in a series of short stories based in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.  They are centered around the spoiled, strong willed heroine Mi’risa Barrett AkA Lady M.

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