Author of the Month; Hannah Spivey

Having published several short stories over the years and English being Hannah’s favorite subject, she’s been writing professional since October 2009. That was the month she birthed her book Ebony Beloved.

Hannah says the reason she wanted to publish was because she wanted to write a book that’s never been written before. “The books I’ve read, were good but they were mostly comprised of betrayal, drugs, sex, king pens, queen pens, pimp daddies, shoot em’ up, bang bang, baby mama drama galore. I wanted to publish a book that challenges the reader and pushes the grain simultaneously. I’m an ingenious writer who loves to run wild with my imagination.” She says.

From A Writer’s POV is based on the authors and writers individuality in the literary world. Hannah talks about her particular writing process. “When I write a novel or an ebook, I just began writing. There’s really no ritual or pattern. It depends on the kind of the book I’m writing. If it’s controversial, it may take a few months. Ebony the Beloved is my 1st novel. And it has taken me five months to complete it. I concede that I’m listless, which is a bad thing. I’m currently writing my second novel, which I began writing last year. It’s still incomplete because I’m preoccupied with pushing the first one. Probably when I resume the second one, I’ll have a better idea of what my writing process is like.

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