VIP with Dominique; Getting a Business Mentor

I’ve had the pleasure of having many people who have been there done that in business help me get to the next level…we call them mentors.

It’s very important to have a mentor in whatever business you are in. It’s hard to find now a days. Too many people are afraid of others who are on their tails for the title of success and no one wants to share. But every now and then you find someone who’s willing to be of help.

When you find that person to help you keep them around, appreciate them and give back if you can.

Having a mentor is also good because they can answer questions you may not have been able to answer yourself.  Like I said, they’ve been there and done that. They may have experienced exactly what you are going through now and can relate.

Now having a mentor doesn’t mean you need someone in any type of business to help you. It’s better to find a mentor in the same business you are in. If you are in design and your mentor is in construction, the two of you won’t be able to relate much. When you ask that construction worker how to design a dress, they will look at you with a lost face. Finding a mentor in your own business field would be better.

Anyone can be a mentor but people feel more comfortable with someone who has some years invested in what they are doing; someone who has some experience under their belt.

Whether you are looking for a mentor or looking to become a mentor, think about this one important thing: Help is always needed. Accept it and/or provide it! Remember where you were a few years ago in the beginning of your business…looking for help!

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