Poet of the Month; Cherie Johnson

The Evolution of Cherie Johnson. That’s the first phrase that comes to mind when I sit down and read up on Cherie and all her endeavors since becoming an actress at a very young age. But let’s put that aside as we concentrate on the literary side of Cherie Johnson.

Our A&W Interview Series had the pleasure of sitting down with Cherie as she introduced us to her first published book “Twice Around The World” with co-author Kathie Scott. This wasn’t your typical interview of someone using their celebrity status to further their career. Rather, it was Cherie’s genuine love of writing that was prevalent throughout the interview. Like other authors, pride exuded from her pores as she talked about finally doing something she had always dreamed about.

Cherie On Poetry: The Evolution Continues…Cherie continues to make a splash in the literary world with a new poetry book titled Two Different Walks of Life – “A Celebrity and Average Housewife”. Written with her friend and co-author Charisse Edey, Cherie’s book was published on April 12, 2011. Cherie describes the type of poetry that made to book:

Two Different Walks Of Life is not a poem book; it’s not a novel…it’s in a category of its own. It’s what Cherie and Charisse call ‘Womentry’. These two ladies opened up their souls on paper and shared private intimate moments with you in a form of poetry. They will give you inspirational comments after each poem that you can take with you. When these things were written, they were not meant to be placed into a book. They are simply notes back and forth between friends, explaining the things that are going on in there every day lives; gossip, deception, cheating, beatings, relationships, and family. Cherie will take you inside of a celebrity’s home and heart. Charisse will open up her door to let you into her home and heart; they both will share their experiences and some of those around them. You will get all the girlie stuff that women don’t discuss in public. These two women air out their dirty laundry and all those around them to the world, because to them this was therapy!”

Read the full article at: www.fromawriterspovmagazine.com

Find out how you can be Poet of the Month: http://fromawriterspovmagazine.webs.com/poetspotlight.htm

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