VIP with Dominique; Let your Experience Help your Business

Even if you are a beginning author/writer, you have some type of experience. Maybe you received a lot of “No’s” before you finally got your “Yes” maybe you have tons of experience because you attended a lot of workshops that forced you to learn and work in your craft. Either way, I’m sure you have a lot of experience.

Authors, writers and business owners should use their experience to help further their career.

As a business owner, I do a lot of reading, articles, books, blogs etc anything that I believe can help me further my literary/business career. In one of the books I was reading it said that we should use article writing to help our business. I definitely agree with this! I also believe that we should use our experience to help our careers. Talk about what you’ve been through. There are people who might be interested in your journey and it could help you get further in your career.

Doing this could bring clients/customers to you and get the word out about what you’re doing.

If you are a part of social networks, use your experiences to talk about what you’ve been through and how you got to this point. Inspire someone else. Be sure to leave your blog, website or contact info at the bottom of the post so people can find you.

It’s a great way to network!

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