Book of the Month; Steppin into the Good Life

Steppin’ Into The Good Life is the sequel to The Last Woman Standing. It takes you back into the life of Sheila Rushmore – the woman some loved, some hated, but mostly who people felt sorry for in The Last Woman Standing.

As the book opens, it’s been a year and Sheila has still been trying to get over the fact that the man she thought was part of her happily-ever-after – Ace Bowers – left her for another woman. And not just any other woman – but his ex-wife Lynette.

So in her crazy attempt to get closure and convince herself to “move on,” Sheila sneaks into the church to witness Ace and Lynette’s recommitment ceremony. She’s sitting there on the back row among Lynette and Ace’s family and friends. And while her intention is to close the door to her past, she ends up opening her heart to a relationship that will change her future.

Sheila doesn’t want to be the woman she used to be, but sometimes it takes a while for your faith to line up with your actions.

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