Spring/Summer Author Campaign; Lena Williamson

The Spring/Summer Campaign introduces Author Lena Williamson, author of five books

About the Author: Born and raised in Brooklyn, Lena Williamson is President, Web Designer, Graphic Designer and the Administrative Assistant for Lena Land Books.  Lena is an author of fiction, poetry and children books.  She is a graduate of the Borough of Manhattan Community College with an Associate of Arts degree.  Lena is the mother of one child who resides with her in Brooklyn, New York.  All books can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Lulu.com.

About Lena’s Books: Established in 2009, the goal of Lena Land Books is to reach as many readers in different genres as possible, from fantasy fiction to fairytales, all under the pen of one author.  Lena Land Books has released five titles under three different genres since its inception. In 2011 Lena Land Books released all titles in e-book format.  What makes all of these accomplishments a remarkable feat is the fact it is all done by one person, author Lena Williamson.

A Diamond in the Rough (Paperback and Ebook format) released 6/2009

Destiny’s Revenge (Paperback and Ebook format) released 6/2010

Look in the Mirror (Paperback and Ebook format) released 2010

Have you Ever..Seen a squirrel laugh? (Paperback and Ebook format) released 2010

The Pigeon King (Paperback and Ebook format) released 2008

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Amazon.com & Lulu.com

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