Upcoming Author of the Month; E.John Love

Certain fiction authors have a flair for grabbing an audience’s attention by presenting them with an extraordinary backdrop of glitzy scenes, bigger-than-life characters, and a jaw-dropping storyline that authors articulate through great imagination. Other authors take experiences from their ordinary everyday lives, using the scenes that are embedding in their memories, characters they have grown up with, and a storyline that’s becoming of most people’s experience…with a twist here and there to keep things spiced up.

This month’s Upcoming Author, E. John Love, represents those fiction writers who use their environment and observations to establish a platform for their storyline. His first book, “Own Nothing”, epitomizes the rigors of everyday life that takes on a life of its own. E. John talks about the success of his first novel.

Read more on this author at www.fromawriterspovmagazine.com

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