Spring/Summer Author Campaign features: E Marie Sanders

The Spring/Summer Campaign introduces author E Marie Sanders. Author of “To Know Avail”

About the Author: Having been born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, E. Marie Sanders claims to be a mixture of southern hospitality with northern know-how.  She taught in the public school system for 12 years and has served as a youth pastor for the past 10 years, observing the habits of the age group she hoped to write for one day.  The stories she told in classroom grabbed her reluctant readers’ attention and guided her toward putting the stories on paper.  Her story lines and ideas develop by combining a dash of urban real life with great storytelling fiction and imagination.  E. Marie seeks to grab the reader, youth and adults alike, in the very beginning and continues to build momentum throughout the story in order to make the reading experience a joy for those who frown upon the pastime.  E. Marie is a National Board Certified Teacher and a member of the National Education Association, Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, and National Council of Teachers of English.  She and her husband Eric reside in Lumberton, North Carolina.

Her newest release: “To Know Avail”

About the Book: To K(no)w Avail is a fictional tale of two young people, both Christians, who struggle with a mutual attraction to one another while striving to do their best in all areas during their freshmen college year.  Avail’s experience with the opposite sex never proved to be what she felt she needed in life, but it never stopped her from hoping for better.  Shortly before she begins college, she starts dating Donovan, a high school senior who possesses every endearing quality that she desired in a suitor; he even agrees to wait to engage in sexual activities until they married.  Not realizing the power of attraction and the difficulty with long distance relationships, Avail goes to Whitaker with wide eyes full of hope, eventually seeing the breathtaking Kyle.  Also from Pittsburgh, Kyle attended a private boarding high school out of state.  With all that freedom, he took advantage of it with the ladies even though he had Celeste, his long-term girlfriend waiting for him at home.  He always questioned his shaky dedication to her and wanted to break up with her, but Kyle never did.  Once he experiences the culture of Avail, he decides it’s finally time to break up with Celeste and move on to a greater quest. 

Eventually, Avail and Kyle acknowledge their feelings, both privately and to one another, and attempt to deal with significant others waiting at home.  Interference in various forms serves Avail and Kyle problems that they may not be able to face together.

Check E Marie out online:




Upcoming Events for E Marie

Atlanta Black Book Expo

Date/Place of the Event:  Saturday, August 6, 2011, at the Georgia International Convention Center

Details of Event:  The Atlanta Black Book Expo organizers are authors & business professionals who have similar interests in the creative arts, business, and media industries. We have come together to create a venue for authors that allows them the freedom to showcase their work and present their ideas.

Contact Info to attend the Eventhttp://www.abbexpo.com/

Additional Info on the event:  I will have a table available at the conference for both book purchasing, contests, and signings.

Atlanta Journal Constitution Book Festival

Date/Place of the Event:  September 2-4, 2011, in Decatur, GA

Details of Event:  The AJC Decatur Book Festival is the largest independent book festival in the country

Contact Info to attend the Eventhttp://www.decaturbookfestival.com/Community/index.php

Purchase E Marie’s Books today!  

 www.amazon.com (Both in paperback and Kindle versions)

www.bn.com (Both in paperback and Nook versions)


Faith Tabernacle Christian Center (www.ftccenter.org) Bookstore

Look for an interview with E Marie on June 30th on The POV Lounge https://thepovlounge.wordpress.com

Tomorrow on The POV Lounge…

Author of the Month Cherie De Sues

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