VIP with Dominique; Successful Time Management for Women Business Owners

*Article written by Dominique L. Watson. She was Expert of the week  for Allied Women in Business.

Time managements is critical when being a business owner but even more important when being a Woman Business Owner. We where several hats that all need the same amount of time…all of our time. There’s not a moment to spare and we can’t even imagine doing one thing longer than the other. But something has to take priority over the others…right?

As a mother, wife and business owner I must manage my time. I have to give everything in my life its time and not worry about the other things I am not engaged in at that time.

To Do List

I am a very organized person. I must know where everything is, how everything is going to get done and to what capacity. I am a hands on person; most business owners are. So if you’ve got a lot of things going on during the day, write out a to do list. Put the things that are most important or hardest on the list first. Knock those things out and then move to the next.

The non important things

Don’t get caught up in the things that are not important. Like facebook, twitter. Yes we do use them for networking but if you are simply sitting at the computer with your hand on your cheek and the other scrolling through your timeline…you are wasting time. Network…or get off!

Make your office..the office

I work from home so my office is right behind my living room. It’s convenient for washing clothes or dishes, tending to the children but it’s also a distraction when the TV is in the same room. Catch up on those soaps later! Get your work done and then worry about the TV.

Either your at work or at home

Another thing a lot of Work at Home Mothers get caught up in is the fact that they are at home. As a business owner, you need to set business hours. Get up in the morning at the same time. Don’t worry about the dishes until the children are almost home. When it’s time to work, work and let family and friends know that you are at work. When you are not working, close the door to your office. Cut the business line off. When work is done…it’s done!

Calendars are your best friend

I have a desk calendar that sits at my desk right next to my laptop. Everything that is happening at work is on that calendar. I keep it there so I don’t double book clients, so I know what’s coming up for the week, so I know what the next day is looking like. Will I have time for this or that? I follow that calendar and let family and friends know I have things going on that are important. I will not be available at this time. You should do so to.

Of course, there’s more to this list. But time management for the business woman is important because we go from service provider to mommy in two seconds. We go from designer to housewife in just a minute. We have to make time for the things that are important and conquer them.

Trust me, if anything in your life gets neglected, it will show! Tackle it and get a hold on it before you get overwhelmed and want to throw in the towel.

Dominique Watson

CEO of From A Writer’s POV Magazine

Mentor & Consultant for Authors and Writers


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