Book of the Month; Broken Promises Never Mend

“Broken Promises Never Mend” by Allison Edwards is gracing our magazine as Book of the Month. With a classic love story but very twisting plot…it’s a definite page turner.

“Broken Promises Never Mend was a title that I actually named a email conversation that I wrote about my ex boyfriend because he made one too many promises and never backed them up.” Allison says.  The book is loosely based on the lies she encountered during the course of the relationship. “The meaning is that one may love you and care for you and want the best for you but promises are made and when that doesn’t come to fruition it ruins the trust that has been developed.” Well said!

Broken Promises Never Mend was Publisher’s Choice last month and had an awesome review. Read the full article at

Tomorrow on The POV Lounge…

Join us for a spotlight with Spring/Summer Campaign Participant, Amy Lou Jenkins. Get to know the author and her book!

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