Cover Story; The Author’s Den Back to School Festival

The Author’s Den Back to School Festival is going to New Jersey on August 27th to support the children going back to school!

Authors, Poets, Performing Artist and Vendors will come together to raise money for the Author’s Den Literacy Campaign. This event will be to help children with back to school supplies. “We are selling tickets to the event ($35.00) which will include a buffet of food and beverages, raffles and giveaways. Portions of the proceeds will be donated during an event at the end of the year to a chosen organization that supports children in Literary and Performing Arts, mentoring and support youth. During this event we are accepting any donation of school supplies to fill book bags that we will be donating to schools in the surrounding areas.”

Read the full article here:

From A Writer’s POV loves to get the inside information on literary events around the world! So email us about getting your story in our magazine. Wha’t s an event without a little publicity?-

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