Does your Business have announcement?

Have an announcement, sale, event going on at your business? Post your announcements in our “Business Announcements of the Month”

This list will help authors and readers find the events, sales etc they are looking for and help you in exposure.

Not only will your business and info go on our monthly list, we will also advertise your announcement on social networks and our newsletter.

$5 payment is required for the placement of your business announcement on our list. Interested in having us advertise your announcement?

Email us at:

1.What is your name?

2.What is the name of your business?

3.What is the name of your event, sale, announcement?

4.What are the dates for your announcement, sale, event?

5.How can our viewers see more about your sale, event, announcement?

6.What’s the link to your website?

7.Give a five line or less description on your sale, event, announcement.


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