VIP with Dominique; Take your Author Career Seriously

I recently had an encounter with an author that has been popular amongst From A Writer’s POV. I won’t go into details because as I said in my last VIP with Dominique “Shake hands and keep it moving” But in so many words the company was doing all it could and some to help this person and their career.

When it came down for that person to do THEIR part in THEIR career, they slacked. What’s the point of us or any company that promotes authors doing their job to the max if the author is not giving the same effort? Don’t think just because you paid someone hundreds of $$$ to do something that you can sit back and watch the book sales pour it. It doesn’t work that way.

Authors listen up and listen good! In order for you to be successful you have to WORK, don’t expect things to just come to your email box, mail box, phone, door etc. You have to get up every day and do a full days job as an author. Yes, you may be a full time teacher, nurse or whatever but in order for your book to be successful you must put in the work, simple as that.

When you take the time to contact companies that will help your author career make sure you are doing your part. No professional wants to work their butt off for someone who won’t even do it themselves and don’t get so caught up in PR’s, coaching etc that you get too lazy to work. Make sure that at the end of the day you are working just as hard as your Publisher, PR/Marketer to get your book in the right hands.

Nothing in life is simply handed to you unless it’s a tissue in church for your tears J Work work work! Nobody wants to deal with a slacker and if a professional sees that you aren’t giving 100% they won’t work with you again and you’ve just lost yourself a client/contact.

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One thought on “VIP with Dominique; Take your Author Career Seriously

  1. Dominique,

    You are so very right!!! I just published my first book: Vanessa And Johnny: The Cabinets, and although I”m a junior in college and currently work, I also have to put in a lot of time and effort to promote my book. Marketing my book requires more time than I anticipated, but I continue to push forward.

    Thank you for your post, your words have inspired me more than you know.

    Whitney Lauren
    Author of Vanessa and Johnny: The Cabinets

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