VIP with Dominique; Hyper Active Business People

I’ve seen a lot of hyper active business people on the internet lately. From simply observing and networking people are just hyper and sometimes I want to yell at them “Sit down somewhere”

What I mean when I say hyper active, I mean constantly going like they drunk a gallon of coffee with sugar babies and a Twinkie. As Madea would say “Sat down somewhere”

Business people who are supposed to be professional people are cussing other people out on facebook and twitter about how they may have been treated or how someone else is doing business. All that is simply unprofessional.

There will be one time or another will you will be missed treated, not taken seriously; someone will conduct business in an unprofessional way while dealing with you. It happens in business but it’s not your job as a business owner to let people know how they treated you.

Sometimes you just need to be quiet and move along. Don’t hurt your career or business by making it known how someone treated you or making sure you let whoever know that such and such company sucks. Give that person a good hand shake and keep it moving.

Straight from the DIVA

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