Book of the Month; Wikked

The joys of reading a good book is not only the book itself, it’s also getting the opportunity to talk to the author of the book and know the details behind the good story.

Wikked started out as journal writing, but LM’s imagination took her into another direction, and it grew to much more than she anticipated. Crazy is how LM describes her writing process. “Sometimes I set the ambiance, cut on my music that flows with my story and start typing. Then sometimes when I’m on lunch, in class or somewhere I can’t set the ambiance, I cut on my iPod and freestyle. It took me four months to write Wikked.”

Four months is not very long at all! Her main character Niqi and all the other characters were all created as she created the book. She created the characters as if she was watching a movie. She admits that some of the characters are from her life, but not all.

Storylines move the book along. This story had some great twists and turns in it. LM says she didn’t know the storyline until she began writing the book. So basically we can say this book was like a freestyle. Read the full article at

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One thought on “Book of the Month; Wikked

  1. Whether the result is accomplished in four months or four years, the writing process is sometimes more remarkable than the finished product. Thanks for sharing the methodology this writer utilizes to get her words down. To her ability to develop characters on the fly, I say Wow!

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