Youth Corner; Abigail Krocker

As adult writers, we share in the enthusiasm of using our creativity to invent a world of fiction, and make it into a novel. But everything that goes into establishing one’s self as an author can be tedious at best, with so many avenues to getting published that it becomes a chore rather then a fulfilling experience.

We tend to forget that writing is our passion, and it’s something most of us writers have done for most of our lives, and will continue to do as the years go by.

It is so refreshing to look at our young writers, and be reminded of how it once was with us. Our Youth Corner feature recognizes young, budding talent such as Abigail Krocker.

We first got a taste of Abigail’s enthusiasm when she joined our Facebook group “The Café Vibe”. With tons of questions to ask, and a world of writing abilities to show off, Abigail brought the group to another level…showing us adults what it used to like before having to worry about publishers and editing and book tours.

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