Business Week: Hot Topic Monday; Legal Matters in Business

This week, The POV Lounge is doing something different. We are ending April 2011 all about Business. We’ll discuss Business today, Wednesday with the Question of the Week,  Saturday VIP with Dominique and with Business Resources & Announcements as well as other posts. Join us all week as we talk about NOTHING but business.

I’m in the process of getting some legal things together with From A Writer’s POV. One thing you cannot bypass in business is the legal matters. There’s no way you can be in business without looking up, researching, asking or talking to someone about the legal matters of business. The hard part is Lawyer’s aren’t cheap. You can’t walk into a legal office and expect a small fee to actually be small. Sometimes to even sit in a Lawyer’s chair is at least $100 or more. Then there’s the internet but from my latest research, it can only tell you so much and some people are afraid to say anything thinking they may get sued. It’s tough but like I said in business there’s no way around the legal matters.

Now of course, if you are only running a website that is a hobby, then this doesn’t apply to you. But if you are really trying to put your business on the map and make a name for you and your company, legal matters is something you don’t want to over look.

So my question today to kick off Business Week “What legal matters have you had to face in taking your business to the next level? Is all the work really worth it? Think about the economy. Is now really the time to start a business?”

I wanna hear from you!

Join me all this week as we kick off the last week in April with Business! Question of the Week is on Wednesday.

Signing Off,



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