Top Business List of the Month

Post your business on our top business list of the month. From A Writers POV is creating a 7-10 list of active businesses in the literary field.

We’re advertising this list on our website for one full edition, advertising it on our newsletter and social networks.

This list is to not only to get your business name in front of many but to also help authors and writers find the services they need.

We invite you to place your business on our list.

Business list placement is a $10 donation for the month and advertisement that comes with it. It also includes placement in our business directory which can be found here:

If you’d rather have your business placed in our business directory without the advertisement, you can do so here:

Inquire to have your business posted on our top business list this month. Deadline is the 12th of this month for placement on next month’s list.

1. Your name/position

2. The name of your business

3. What service does it provide?

4. How do clients inquire? (Business’ email)

5. Website

Send inquires to:


From A Writers POV



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