Guest Blogger; Shirley McLain

“The Tower” was published November 2010

About the book: This is a story, which takes you from Tulsa Oklahoma to Bhutan.  It deals with the kidnapping of Samantha (Sam) Jensen from outside her home in Tulsa.  Her twin brother, Allan runs a company that deals with environmental issues around the world.  He uses his resources to try to locate Sam, and keep his company operating.  He and Sam face love, betrayal, and murder, in this twisting and turning mystery.

About the Author:  Shirley is a wife, mother of two, grandmother of six and a retired RN.  She lives in Plano Texas and enjoys her retirement to fullest.  She loves to read and write, so with retirement she began writing on a full time basis.  Her debut book, “The Tower” is a labor of love. 

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Xlibris Publishing:

Can also be ordered at Barnes and Nobles

“I have been writing most of my life, but I did not start writing seriously until I retired from work.  Working as an RN for thirty-five years and raising children, does not give a person a lot of time to write.  I have written many short stories over the years but never published.  When I retired, I decided it was time for me to do what I loved full time and get a book published.  Writing this book was a labor of love for me, and a fulfillment of my dreams.

Shirley’s idea for the book:  I came up with the idea for this book one morning before I got out of bed.  It just popped into my head, and I knew I was going to write it.  I started writing that day.

About the Book: Samantha Jensen is kidnapped from outside her home in Tulsa Oklahoma, finds herself without memory in “The Tower”.  Sam´s twin brother Allan operates a company, IDEA (International Diagnostic environmental Agency) with whom Sam has worked for the past six years.  The company personnel of scientists and doctors travel the globe providing needed consultation, and investigations into anything that affect the environment.  Allan uses all of his resources to help find Sam, as well as trying to keep his business operating.  The kidnapping, smuggling, betrayal and murder take you around the world from Tulsa Oklahoma to the Bhutan.  It´s also a story of love and devotion, as well as retribution for crimes committed.  There are many unexpected twists and turns woven in through the story, such as the psychic connection between the siblings.

How long it took Shirley to write the book: It took me about eight months to get the book written.

Shirley’s writing process: My writing process is simple.  I sit down in front of the computer and type.  I usually try to finish a chapter and then go back and read it to make sure it is what I intended to say.  I do not use a formal outline; I did my research as I wrote the story.

What’s new with the author: I just finished a Historical Fiction called “The Dobyns Chronicles” Book I.  I will be starting book II within the next month.  I also have a book of short stories I am working on Called “From A to Z.”

Shirley’s Blog: I have a blog I do three days a week called Fiction Writing and my Anything Blog.  I post writing help, short stories, poetry, or anything that is on my mind.  The address for the blog is:


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