Spoken Word…Heard with Stylicia Bowden

As a ray of the Sun beams down its exclusive light, you get the sense of a majestic aura surrounding our featured Spoken Word artist. Even as the dark clouds eliminate the Sun’s warming light, a glow of inspiration remains as it permeates the darkened skies in the form of Stylicia Bowden as she speaks her poetic words to the heavens above.

A native of Detroit, MI, now residing in Charleston, SC, this Inspirational Speaker and author of four self-published books has been spreading her words of inspiration in many venues. Stylicia has written for three on line magazines, Divine Inspirations Magazine, Spoken Vizions, and S.I.S.T.A.H Talk Magazine. She has appeared on local television and radio in Charleston, SC multiple times and continues to break barriers on her road to success. She has completed her first spoken word CD in 2010 entitled The Sound Of The Spoken Word and finished her fifth self-published book, “The Anthology Of My Soul” which will be coming out latter 2012. She is soon to work on her sophomore spoken word album.

Stylicia’s influences read like a coalition of a literary rainbow:

My biggest influences are Maya Angelou, Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, Langston Hughes, Edgar Allan Poe and Shakespeare.

That covers years of experience, and many hours of learning from some of the most prolific writers in the literary world. That jump-started Stylicia into developing her niche at a young age:

I have been creative writing since I was young. But while I served in the US Navy poetry came back in my life. I did my first spoken word piece in Charleston, SC on January 18, 2007 and the rest was history.

Read the full Spoken Word Article here: http://fromawriterspov.webs.com/spokenword.htm

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One thought on “Spoken Word…Heard with Stylicia Bowden

  1. I hope all is well. My name is Ms. Lu and I wanted to know if Charleston had any active poerty nights going on. Please email me back with any details or clarification you can provide.

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