Hot Topic Monday; Getting Over your Hump Day

Hump Day. The second worse day of the week. Monday takes number one. Everybody that works hates Wednesday. It’s the part of the week where you’re almost done with the week but not quite there yet.

Quick tips to get over the day:

1. Make a long to do list-the day will be over before you know it

2. Meet for lunch with a friend or family member-before you know it you’re half way through the day

3. Don’t work through lunch-will make the day longer

4. Don’t watch the clock-makes the time go slower

5. Be thankful you have a job-many others don’t 🙂

Everybody has there own way of getting over the day. But I’m curious to know how others get through the day!

How do you get through Hump Day?

Signing Off,



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